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What isArk?

Acts of Random Kindness is an organization that strives to involve the community in the life experiences of youth facing life challenges. ARK creates programs and provides resources for youth, their families and those who support them.

About ARK

About ARK

Our Philosophy 

We are dedicated to providing resources, creating community partnerships, and supporting our youth by inspiring them to become successful leaders. Our programs help to reduce risk factors in their lives that deter them from turning their dreams into reality.


ARK helps bridge the gaps in the community!

Helping youth learn how to persevere through life’s challenges is most important to us. Those who are at risk of continuing the cycle of poverty are in need of a community support system. We believe it takes a village to raise a child that includes, schools, organizations, businesses and influential leaders. Through community partnerships we can be sure that we are providing children and families with the resources and opportunities they need to become successful and ultimately begin to end the cycle of poverty. 



To bridge the gaps in the community by providing programs and resources to children and families 

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