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Board of Directors

Cordelia Cranshaw

President, CEO


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Ryanna Miller

The Director of Programs and Business Development at Sou Sou Investment Solutions, a global DC-based financial technology (fintech) and financing firm that provides and seeks innovative ways for populations to access capital.

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Thomas Carroll

Harnesses more than 12 years of successful leadership experience and has led, managed, and optimized management functions for defense agencies, venture capitalist and nonprofit organizations. President and chief executive officer of a leading engineering consulting firm, Cobalt Enterprise Solutions, LLC, which provides acquisitions assistance to the Department of Defense Agencies for engineering and IT related projects. 

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Leander Skeete

Leander is an 8+ year veteran of D.C. Government’s Child and Family Services Agency and currently serves as a Supervisory Resource Development Specialist. He comes with a wealth of knowledge in child welfare, early education, youth incarceration, and social/emotional well-being. Leander’s post-secondary education includes a Bachelors of Humanities and Sciences degree in Psychology in addition to a Master’s of Science in Administration with a concentration in Organizational Management and Development.

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Raymond Bryant-Hall

Raymond is a Senior Supervisor with TFC Consulting Inc. He received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from Morgan State University. Raymond has over 10 years of government finance and accounting experience, is an award-winning financial analyst and currently pursuing a Masters degree in Data analytics.

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Devontae Baskin​​

Devontae received a dual bachelor of science degree in Communications and Criminal Justice from Old Dominion University in 2015. Worked as a resource manager for San Bernardino county homeless population and has spent his career helping his clients position themselves to be self-sufficient while equipping them with the necessary skills to find employment and live above poverty.

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